Witness Tree Online Resources

Folks, there is not a lot of information on Gettysburg’s witness trees to be found in the Internet – yet!; but here is what we have so far:

Some of the beautiful works of art created by Greg Allen at Gettysburg Sentinals.

1. Gettysburg Sentinals – Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, hand-crafted and functional piece of art made out of a witness tree or battlefield tree? Master wood-worker Greg Allen creates individual masterpieces out of certified – and legally obtained – sections of witness tree wood in his workshop on Chambersburg Road in Gettysburg. Greg’s creations make incredible gifts for friends and loved ones who hold Gettysburg dear to their hearts!

2. Since 2018, Greg Gober has been educating the world about the existence of hundreds of witness trees on his Facebook page. Now one of Facebook’s most popular pages, “Exploring Gettysburg Witness trees and Connections to the past and present” is a Gettysburg-lover’s tour de force that covers not just witness tree information, but anything and everything related to the battle and the history of the town.

3. YouTube features a number of Gettysburg Witness Tree related videos, though not all with accurate witness tree-related information:

     Gary Adelman talks about the Gibbon Tree
     Gary Adelman talks about the Devil’s Den Tree
     Dr. Daryl Black talks about the Pender Tree
     Gary Adelman and Wayne Motts Go Inside the Copse

And that’s it so far!